GUNG HO Precious Bee Awareness Unisex Sweatshirt


This embroidered fair and sustainable sweatshirt was created to raise awareness on the importance of the precious insects who inhabit and support our biosphere.

Each sweatshirt comes with educational talking points, empowering you to become an advocate for bees and other insects while advocating for a ban on non-agricultural uses of pesticides and eventual ban of agricultural use of pesticides, in line with Green Party policy.

When you buy this sweatshirt through the Green Living Room, Gung Ho donates 25% of the purchase to the Green Party Party.

Gung Ho's sweatshirts are made from organic cotton grown in India, and manufactured in Bangladesh at a Fairwear Foundation-certified factory. The designs are then embroidered in Oxford supporting small local business and finished in London.

This fit is unisex. Size guide as XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16.

Learn more about Gung Ho's activism in our recent online conversation HERE

Cost?! We understand items made with the planet and its inhabitants in mind they're more expensive. That's because when products reflect the true cost of production and ensure fair pay for all the folks involved in their creation from soil-to-closet, they cost more. That's one of the main issues with our current economy, political laws and policies, and forms of production. The cost of goods does not reflect their true cost.