Edible Flower Gift Certificate


In a few weeks, Aweside Farms' edible seasonal flowers will bloom. Each one raised through regenerative, no-dig, agroecological farming principles (organic / soil association certified) in Sussex.

Through the work of small-holder farmers like Sinead and Adam, soil is regenerated, carbon is drawndown, and food sovereignty it enhanced. 

Farms like Aweside Farms prove better is possible, because through their farming practices and land stewardship (as outlined in our manifesto), better is already happening.

When you buy a £15 gift certificate for Aweside Farms' easonal edibles through the Green Living Room, Aweside Farms donates 10% of the purchase to the Green Party Party.

Learn more about Aweside Farm's soil advocacy and activism in our recent conversation HERE

Cost?! We understand items made with the planet and its inhabitants in mind they're more expensive. That's because when products reflect the true cost of production and ensure fair pay for all the folks involved in their creation from soil-to-soil, they cost more. That's one of the main issues with our current economy, political laws and policies, and forms of production. The cost of goods does not reflect their true cost.

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